About us

The OSP Hessen (Olympiastützpunkt Hessen im Landessportbund Hessen e. V.) is a service institution under the marginal sport promotion of the German Olympic Sports Confederation (“Deutscher Olympischer Sportbund”, DOSB). It was founded in 1988 and is since 1992 under the auspices of the State Sports Association Hessen (“Landessportbund Hessen e.V.”, LSBH). Since 2000 it has its headquarters in the building of the LSBH close to the “Deutsche-Bank-Park”.

Range of services

The service of the OSP Hessen is available to the Olympic umbrella organizations and their national squad athletes; 11 of them are in the form of so-called special care.

It includes, among others, the sports medical care (in cooperation with the Sportklinik Frankfurt), the sport physiotherapy (both in the OSP headquarters as well as in the training facilities on site), the training of scientific, biomechanical and performance diagnostic care and career coordination for athletes, say career guidance and environment management (housing assistance), nutritional advice, sports psychological care etc.

Part of the extended range is the living possibility in the sports school "Sportinternat Hessen am OSP Hessen". The OSP Hessen is cooperating with the Carl-von-Weinberg School in Frankfurt-Goldstein, the "partner school of the Olympic Training Center Hessen". Together the boarding school system, the partner school and the OSP Hessen are among the 43 so-called "elite sports schools" in the Federal Republic of Germany, which are sponsored by the Network of sport and business.

Intended Audience

Currently in the regional catchment area about 250 national squad athletes from 20 different sports are cared for.

In addition 11 Olympic umbrella organizations with more than 350 athletes from their national squad use the national outstanding and internationally recognized supervision by the OSP Hessen, in particular in the fields of exercise science and sports medicine / physiotherapy. These are, for example, the national squads in hockey, gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, trampolining, wrestling greco-roman, shooting, table tennis, rowing, basketball, volleyball as well as the track and field disciplines long jump, triple jump, hammer throw and the combined event.

In the official impact analysis of the German Olympic Sports Confederation the OSP Hessen counts - due to its quality of care - to the three major bases in Germany.

The facilities of the OSP Hessen are frequently on the visiting schedules of national and international guests of the German Olympic Sports Confederation and the German Federal Ministry of the Interior and Sport.

Current Tasks

The OSP Hessen is currently working with 13 employees and 15 temporary workers.

The long standing cooperation between the OSP Hessen and the unit ´performance sports´ under the umbrella of LSBH is successful and close. The promotion and support of the youth squad athletes up to the Olympic participants is uninterrupted, so the supply for the Hessian competitive sports potential is enabled.
This is unique in Germany and serves as a model.

Due to the ownership of the OSP Hessen the LSBH has with recognized and professionally skilled staff, and a high-quality equipment and facilities to fulfill the tasks set by the DOSB and the professional associations at him.


The manifold tasks and work areas of the OSP Hessen financed by funds from the public sector:

  • Federal Ministry of the Interior
  • Hessian Ministry of the Interior and Sports
  • City of Wiesbaden
  • City of Frankfurt am Main
  • State Sports Association Hessen (LSBH)
  • Wiesbaden Sports Promotion (WISPO)
  • Frankfurt Sport Foundation

Furthermore, could be won until today following major business. These support the Olympic Training Center with financial and material assistance to ensure medium- and long-term care:

  • ASS Athletic Sport Sponsoring
  • Fraport
  • Rosbacher – Hassia Group
  • MED4SPORTS Wiesbaden
  • Sport and fitness facilities in the Rhine-Main area, including the Rhein-Main-Therme in Hofheim

Werner Schaefer
previous OSP-Head